Hey There Business Bloomers!  This is just a quickie tip on how to format your Google+ posts with Bold, Italic, and Strikeout.  


First let’s discuss why you might want to do that. 

Formatting your Google+ posts makes them easier to read, enables you to break them down into topics or speaking points, and adds interest, for example by adding Bold Headlines to your post. Formatting your posts is easy!


How to Format Your Google+ Posts with Bold, Italic, and Strikeout

Bold  – add an asterisk (*) before and after the word or phrase you want to make bold.
Example: *bold* will display as:  bold

Italic  – add an underscore (_) before and after the word or phrase you want to make italic.
Example: _italic_ will display as: italic

Strikeout – add a dash (-) before and after the word or phrase you want to strikeout.
Example: -strikeout- will display as: strikeout


See What That Looks Like on Google+

Here are a couple of posts from Google+ so you can see the end results. This first one just shows the basics of how to format your posts – just click on the “read more” link to see the whole post:



This link goes to a TGIF Business Networking Hangout post that shows what a properly formatted post looks like, when you are doing it for readability – note the use of bold headlines to break up the information into topical content: What is the topic? Who are the special guests? How can you join in? 


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