How to embed Google+ posts into your WP web site.

Woohoo more bells and whistles from Google+! These are really practical, good-for-business bells and whistles of course, as they come from Google.  Now we can embed Google+ posts right into our web sites!

Here’s an example – I shared Ronnie Bincer’s post this morning, and like a good little social media user I wrote a nice intro to the share, listing why I thought it was good info, giving some examples of my own – you know, personalizing it for my audience. Below, you see the embedded post, and below that, instructions on how to do it 🙂


How to Embed a Public Google+ Post Into Your WordPress Blog Post

1. Go to the Google+ post you wish to embed in your blog post. Get the embed code by clicking the small down arrow in the upper right corner of the post and choosing “Embed post.”

2. You will be presented with a pop-up window with the embed code for the post. Paste that code into your WP post in the “Text” tab.

You won’t see it in the “Visual” tab, so if you add more text below the post do so in the Text tab, then you can switch to Visual once you have some placeholder text to give you your bearings.

Whaaaaat?  Want a visual reference for all that mumbo jumbo up there?

Watch this short video that shows how to embed a public Google+ post into your WordPress blog post 🙂


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