How to Create Private Hangouts to Practice Being on Camera

Hey There Business Bloomers!

Have you ever wished you could create a Hangout on Air, that was NOT broadcast live for the world to see, just so you could take some time to get in there, get familiar with the Hangout interface and practice using the built in tools available inside Hangouts and Hangouts on Air?  

Well guess what, you can do just that!

Starting a private Hangout or Hangout on Air, with only you inside it, is a great way to get your practice time in, and to get comfy with being in front of and seeing yourself on camera.

If you want to start joining in as a participant in public Hangouts, or are thinking about hosting your own Hangout on Air, then these private practice Hangouts will be an invaluable tool in getting yourself ready to go live and go public.

This short video shows you how to start a private video call Hangout or Hangout on Air, with just yourself in it. This will not be publicly listed anywhere, and will not automatically generate an Event page to go with it. You will learn how to start a Hangout from your Google+ page, how to create a Live Event from your YouTube channel, and even how to use Hangout Lower Third, which puts a name strip across the bottom of your screen.

This short video lesson is approximately 15 minutes long, and very very useful. If YOU found it helpful, please give it a thumbs up on Youtube, or even better please hit the +1 button at the top of this post, and feel free to Pin it to your Pinterest boards too. Because I just love Pinterest, woohoo!



By the way, in this lesson video when I demonstrated how to create a Live Event via YouTube, which creates a Hangout on Air, and told you a little bit about the “Green Room,”  I never did press the button to start a live broadcast. Please note that even if I DID press the big green “Start Broadcast” button, since it was a PRIVATE HOA and NOT a PUBLIC one, the broadcast would still be private, meaning only the people invited to participate in the practice HOA would have been able to see the live stream.

The public does NOT see a Hangout on Air live stream when the HOA is created as a Private event. The public DOES see a Hangout on Air live stream when the HOA is created as a Public event.

To learn more about the different YouTube and HOA settings – Public, Private, and Unlisted – check out this post: The Secret to Controlling Who Sees Your YouTube Videos and Comments.




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