Hey there Business Bloomers!  Do you have the gift of great Blab? No, I’m not asking if you talk too much – I’m introducing you to a new tool for your video marketing toolkit: Blab. Blab is a new video chat site that I was turned on to by the wonderful Roxanne Davenport from the Seizure The Day blog.


So Meilani, Why Would I Want to Blab, and How Does It Build Relationships?

You would use Blab for the same reasons you would use any other video marketing tools, like YouTube, Hangouts, and webinars – because video marketing is a powerful awareness and brand builder, reputation builder, and outreach tool!

Why is it such a powerful tool? Because people like smiling faces!

People do business with people, not with logos. Social media is all about making connections and building relationships, and video marketing, especially live chat, is a highly effective medium for making those human connections and building relationships.

Video chat services take social media marketing a step further. You’re not just posting good articles for people to read, you are actually having a face-to-face, live conversation with them! Any sales person will tell you that it is when they are speaking to someone directly that they have the best opportunity to build a strong relationship and make the sale.

Video tools like Blab and Google Hangouts allow you to make those face-to-face connections with others no matter where you are in the world! I live in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs, CA area) but through face-to-face video chats  I’ve met people from Australia, Germany, France, and other places around the world!


Ok Meilani. Tell Me More About Blab and Twitter

Good news – Blab is very user friendly and very easy to learn! It is nicely integrated with Twitter, making it very easy for anyone to join a conversation in the public chat box or on camera, and super easy for anyone to send out live Tweets during the Blab.  Here’s a quick visual tour of a live Blab window:


TGIF Business Networking Blab - Tour of the Blab window

TGIF Business Networking Blab – Tour of the Blab window


1) There are 4 video cam seats in a Blab. The viewers will see and open seat and will click the join button to request to come in. The host has option to accept or deny the request, so the host can control who comes into the Blab on video.

2) The Blab chat box is public and chat is used by and viewable by anyone watching the Blab, not just the participants who have a video seat. Blab uses your Twitter username, which brings us to…

3) Check out the blue “Tell a little bird” button!  This is Tweeting made easy. Anyone inside the Blab and anyone watching the Blab can click that button to generate a pre-written Tweet that will feature the Blab topic (shown above the blue button) and list the folks inside the Blab.  And guess what – the folks watching DO hit that button! Blabs provide great exposure for participants brave enough to take a camera seat!

You can edit the pre-written Tweet. As you can see in the photo, the generated Tweets are listed in the sidebar below the blue Tweet button. Although the Tweets are pre-written, you can edit them before you press send. It’s always a great idea to pull out a golden nugget of advice and Tweet it out, to get people interested in joining the conversation.

You can change the topic of discussion/blab title. You can click on the title above the blue Tweet button to change it and let folks know what topic you are talking about. The pre-written Tweets will always include the current topic title. Word your topics carefully – this is what draws people to your Blab! And you can only fit a certain number of characters when you change the topic from within the Blab window.


Wow Blab is Really Cool!  Where Do I Find Blabs to Join?

Why not start here here at my Blab page, where you can watch the replay of the first ever TGIF Business Networking Blab, where the topic of discussion was Blabs, Hangouts and Marketing! Watch my Google+ and Twitter posts for upcoming Hangouts and Blabs, scheduled on Fridays at 9am pst. Please do come in and join me live!

To find current and scheduled Blabs, go to https://blab.im. Don’t be shy… join in!  You won’t be on cam unless you request and get an open seat. But you can join in the conversation in the Blab page chat box, and you can send out Tweets.



About Your Hangout and Blab Host, Meilani MacDonald

TGIF Host, Meilani

Meilani MacDonald is a brand identity and outreach strategy consultant who created the TGIF Business Networking Hangout as a way to do face-to-face business networking beyond local borders, using Google’s video chat technology.  When Hangouts on Air (HOAs are Hangouts that are broadcast live on YouTube) became available, TGIF became a great forum for providing information valuable to small business owners and solopreneurs via live streaming video.

Meilani also runs Meilani’s Blooming Business Club, through which she brings monthly workshops and “Consultant is IN” Hangout sessions to club members, at a price that’s right for savvy solopreneurs and small business owners on a budget!

Meilani specializes in teaching her clients how to market their business online and build a strong brand identity using social media on purpose, with purpose.



Would you like to learn how to use or host Hangouts on Air or Blabs?

Private and group lessons available!  Contact Meilani.


Want Meilani to be Your Hangout or Blab Host or Helper?

Don’t want to deal with the behind the scenes tasks?  Hire Meilani to run the show, so you can just concentrate on being a great host and making a stellar presentation, whether to the public or to your project team. Contact Meilani for more info.