Google Wallet goes live!!  


Google Wallet goes live

Yep, yep my Business Bloomers, just like a debit card it is, use it to pay for items at brick-and-mortars or use it to pay online, like you do with PayPal. Look out PayPal and credit card companies!


For example, use to pay for Google Helpouts!

Google Helpouts search screen

Helpouts is Google’s new “find help online anytime via a live face-to-face video meeting” service. Look out solopreneurs, opportunity knocks!


Google+ and YouTube Get Better at Playing Together!

And now the integration of YouTube and Google+ commenting systems has dramatically raised the quality of comments and reduced the trolling.


Google Signs Big Fat Advertising Deal with Publicis!

Oh yeah and Google just inked a big fat deal with advertisers that would make my knees shake, were I the cable industry. For more info on that, see these articles from the Business Insider:

Publicis’ Big Ad Deal With YouTube Is Broadcast TV’s Worst Nightmare

Google’s $100 Million Deal With Publicis Ought To Terrify TV Execs

What does it all mean?

It means YouTube is an EVEN MORE MAJOR player in online entertainment and possibly the last nail in the cable tv coffin, unless cable scrambles to adapt to change.  Right now, cable programming is still woefully tv centric. I’ve tried a few tv apps on the ipad, including CBS, PBC, and Time Warner Cable (TWC) and they all provided a terrible experience. A few companies have great streaming video web sites, like AMC with The Walking Dead and HBO with Game of Thrones.   Netflix and Amazon Prime, on the other hand, rock the iPad and they have captured my viewing time. Who needs cable? And WHY would anyone pay for content laden with commercials? But I digress…

Now this is just hypothesizing, but I think Google will start offering paid video content channels on YouTube, encouraging more quality content from more content creators, and more choices to viewers who would rather pay per-channel, than pay-per-package filled with 100 stations I don’t care about but have to pay for to get the 5 stations I do want. 


ANYONE can be a video creator with Hangouts on Air (HOA)!


What a Google Hangout looks like

This is what a Hangout looks like. There are 6 participants in this one. This is a screenshot from the TGIF Business Networking Hangout, a show produced using Hangouts on Air, that is streamed live on YouTube and Google+!


I produce my b2b video talk show, the TGIF Business Networking Hangout, using Google’s Hangouts on Air, and all the tools are FREE!  It doesn’t cost me anything but my time, and it has given me great returns.


2014 will be the Year of Google. Don’t be left behind!

If you would like to learn more about Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air, please join me every Friday morning in Nov. 2013 at 9am, for a FREE TOUR of Google Hangouts!  This one hour Free Tour will be held via Hangout, so you will have an insider’s glimpse of the tools and apps available inside a Hangout, while thinking of ways you can use Hangouts to promote your business.

You must have a Google account in order to join in the Hangout.  

See this post for step-by-step instructions on How to Create a Free Google Account and Join in my Hangouts.

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