Hey there Business Bloomers! In my last post I mentioned that Google is making a lot of changes. That seems to happen a lot in the land of Google, and in this case, I’m singing “Hallelujah!”  Why?  Because Google has made using Hangouts easier than ever!

Singing the Praises of Hangouts

Using Google Hangouts has been a no brainer for me since they were first introduced. There are just so many benefits. For example, no more driving expenses for client sessions, and even better, no more drive time involved. Screenshare rocks – clients can show me what they are doing on their computer and I can help them find the right links, widgets, buttons, etc. During lessons, they are working on the computer themselves, rather than me standing behind them and ending up pushing the buttons myself. They learn and retain more when our lessons are held by Hangout. Once I got them into a Hangout, everything was great. However, getting them into the Hangout could sometimes be daunting.

No More Long Winded Directions Necessary

Aaaaaaah, how beautiful it is to no longer need to say “go to your Google+ or gmail page, look for your little profile icon at the upper right corner, then under that look for the little Hangouts icon that looks like a quotation mark, blah blah blah blah…”  You get the picture.

Now It’s As Easy as 1-2-3!

Now when I tell clients how to start their Hangout, instructions are much easier:

1. Go to Hangouts.Google.com

2. Sign in

3. Choose from the 3 icons: Video Call, Phone Call, or Message!

Easy Google Hangouts Page

Using Google Hangouts is easier than ever. Now you can just go to Hangouts.Google.com!


I love when they make things easy!