Hey there Business Bloomers!  Today’s post discusses more Google goodies. Just a few days ago I logged into Google Docs, which I use often, and was greeted for the first time with a slew of templates to choose from. Templates for Google Docs, yippee!!

Google Docs Templates – Are They New?

Templates are something I love dearly. But since this was the first I’d seen of the Google Docs templates, I had to wonder…these couldn’t possibly be a new thing, could they? It didn’t seem like it, but I hadn’t seen them before (yah, I know, there’s a lot I haven’t seen before). So what did I do? I Googled my question, of course! And I found this post from 2009 giving praise to Google Docs templates. So Docs templates have been around for a while – why hadn’t I seen them before?

We Like the Easy Button

I think I hadn’t seen them before because they hadn’t been thrown in front of my face when I go into Drive and press that red “new” button and choose “Google Doc.” Nope, it just created a blank document.  And that’s how I usually start working in Docs.

red New button

Creating a Google Doc by choosing the red “NEW” button in Google Drive just takes you to a new, blank Google Doc.


But the other day after I finished working on one Doc and wanted to create another, I pressed the blue “Docs home” button at upper left of my Doc, and it took me to Google Docs instead of Google Drive.



Clicking the blue Google Docs button from within a Google Doc presents you with a choice of templates.

Clicking the blue Docs home button from within a Google Doc presents you with a choice of templates.


And there they were…shiny, fabulous templates!

Docs Templates

Accessing Google Docs directly at http://docs.google.com, I was presented with a choice of templates

The old Google Docs templates gallery is still at http://docs.google.com/templates. Ugh, take a look at that interface, not so “Easy Button” as what you see in the pic above, is it!


Creating a Beautiful and Professional Google Document is Easy with Templates

At the Google Docs page we are now presented with several templates in 4 categories: Resumes, Letters, Education, and Work.

Google Docs Templates 2

Templates are offered in 4 categories: Resumes, Letters, Education and Work.


Go ahead and give them a try. Working with Google Docs is easier than ever with templates!



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