This is major news, a game changer for solopreneurs everywhere!

Well this morning I had planned to go check out a new networking group I just learned about here in the Coachella Valley.  But then I checked Google+, and found out about Helpouts. Now I’m so excited I feel like my puppy Tots, who runs around in circles like a crazy thing when he gets overly excited.

What are Google Helpouts you say?

Check out this short (only 2 mins) intro video from Google.  When it’s done, I suspect you’ll want to run around in circles too!


Are you excited yet?

I am!

What? You’re not on Google+ you say?

No problem! Contact me to set up private or group lessons, or check out Meilani & Theresa’s How to Use Google+ for Business: Beginner Series.  The video lessons are a beginner series that will get you up and running on Google+, teaching social media marketing strategies while showing you the How-To’s of making a great post and filling out your profile for maximum audience attraction and engagement.