Hey there Business Bloomers! There is a saying: “the only constant is change.” Sometimes it seems this is especially true over in the land of Google. Google is currently undergoing a lot of changes in the way its services are connected and unified.

A Little History

Back when I first started using Google+, the different Google services were still their own separate entities. For example, I had separate accounts for YouTube and Google+, and what I did on YouTube was not automatically tied to what I did on Google+. I had to sign in to each service with its own sign-in info.

Then Google consolidated its services, making them work together seamlessly and making it more convenient for Google users – one Google sign-in account allowed you to manage and use all of Google’s services from Maps to Gmail to YouTube and more.

But wait, there was more! Google integrated its social media network Google+ into the mix.  YouTube users were required to create a Google+ profile, and the two services were connected at the hip…comments made under YouTube videos were posted to the commenter’s Google+ stream. Since Google+ accounts required real names, commenters suddenly became accountable for their comments as they lost their anonymity.

This resulted in a nice decrease in flames and hate comments, but it also upset a lot of YouTube users who had no interest in joining yet another social media network and having their YouTube activities auto-posted to it. Now they had to manage that network too.

Back to Today

Google tried it for a while but they’ve decided that it isn’t the best way to run things. Google’s services are still connected and integrated – one Google sign-in account provides you access to all of Google’s great services – but you are no longer required to have a Google+ profile. It is not automatically created only to sit empty of info and sporting a generic blue head profile picture.

Now, should you decide to, you can go in and delete your Google+ profile without deleting your whole Google account, your other Google services will remain intact.

Read the official Google blog post about the current changes here.