Free Tour of Google Hangouts for Windermere RE Palm Desert

Hey There Business Bloomers!  I recently presented a FREE Tour of Google Hangouts for the good folks at Windermere Real Estate’s Palm Desert offices. Thank you to WREPD’s captain, Randy Wiemer, for inviting me to present! Under Randy’s excellent leadership, the Palm Desert offices provide weekly trainings to their realtors.

The video at the bottom of this post was a private Hangout – this just means it was not a Hangout on Air, and thus not recorded and broadcast live on YouTube. I used a third party screen recording app called Screenflow to record the workshop, and did some editing in Screenflow and some in iMovie to create this final video.

So what are these Hangouts anyway?

Hangouts are Google’s face-to-face video conferencing app.  You can have up to ten people in a Hangout at once.  There are a number of tools and apps included in the Hangout interface which make Hangouts a powerful tool for collaborating with another person or a Project Team (think never having to drive to a meeting in another town again!), for providing customer service, and for marketing your business!

Here is what a Hangout looks like:

What a Google Hangout looks like

This is what a Hangout looks like. There are 6 participants in this one. This is a screenshot from the TGIF Business Networking Hangout, a show produced using Hangouts on Air, that is streamed live on YouTube and Google+!

Hangouts allow for up to ten participants inside the Hangout, and whoever is speaking is shown by default in the large screen above while the other participants are in the smaller views below, shown in what I like to call the Peanut Gallery.  However, the Host can override the default setting and choose what is shown in the large screen.

Various tools inside the Hangout allow participants to view and work on shared documents and files, give presentations, include an info strip at the bottom of their screen, and even share their screens.  Screen sharing is really handy when you are making a presentation, or when giving lessons, when you can show the participants exactly what you are doing. Those tools are what you’ll be learning about in the video below.

But Wait, There’s More!  Create Live, Streaming Shows with Hangouts on Air (HOAs)!

A Hangout on Air is a Hangout that is broadcast live over YouTube!  You can also embed the video feed into your web site, or share the link to your socials. Since all these great tools come FREE with a Google+ account, ANYONE can now create their very own video show, marketing videos, interviews, do long distance presentations, and more!  I’ve even seen people using it to conduct a live auction, which was pretty cool.  In fact, the photo above is a screen shot from my own show, the TGIF Business Networking Hangout, which I create and broadcast using these free tools!

But Meilani, you’re always talking about how great Hangouts on Air are, why didn’t you do this presentation as a Hangout on Air and get the automatic recording from it?

I’m so glad you asked! A Hangout on Air, when broadcasting, shows the viewing audience the host’s presentation unfettered by all the behind-the-scenes stuff you can see in this video recording. That means no icons, no chat box, no Hangout lower third settings box, no microphone or camera settings icons, no app icons – a Hangout on Air just shows the audience the presentation without all the distractions of the apps and icons the host and guests are using inside the Hangout. Recording my screen using ScreenFlow allowed me to capture all that behind the scenes stuff for this presentation.

Here is the video – below that, you’ll find more info on how to join in my future workshops:

What Are The Requirements for Joining in a Live Google Hangout or Hangout on Air?

You must have a Google account to use Google’s Hangouts or Hangouts on Air.  


For a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create your free Google account and join my Hangout classes, read this post:  How to Create a Free Google Account and Get Into My Hangouts


So How Do I Get In On Your Future Hangouts?

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