How to Find Your Hangout Invites with Chrome Hangouts Extension

I hear these a lot: “I can’t find my Hangout Invites!” and “How do I start a Hangout?” 

Finding your Hangout invites when others invite you to Hangout can be a bit challenging, especially for folks new to Google+. I use a Chrome browser extension that makes finding my Hangout Invites so much easier, and this post and video shows you where to get that Chrome Hangouts Extension and how it works.

Browser Extensions add functionalities to your browser. Here are 3 examples of extensions I use and what they do:

  • blocking unwanted ads from displaying in your browser (Adblock Plus)
  • providing ability to easily share stuff to your socials (AddThis)
  • ability to easily clip stuff and save to your Evernote notebooks (Evernote Web Clipper)


Check out the video below for a quick and easy lesson on where to find the Chrome Hangouts Extension and how it makes it easy to find your Hangout Invites!



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