Excellent Example of Social Media Marketing for Realtors: Zillow Case Study

Hey There Business Bloomers!  While Google Plussing today I came across an excellent example of social media marketing for realtors in the form of this post by +Zillow, and I just had to write about it. First, let’s take a look at the post that initially caught my attention, then we’ll talk about why it’s such an excellent example:

Click on the comments icon (the chat bubble at bottom of post) to see the comments underneath the post.

Case Study Part 1: What’s so great about Zillow’s post? 

  • Recurring Theme – The first thing this post says is “Tuesday Taste Test.” What is so great about having a regular theme? It provides a guideline for Zillow’s social team to follow. They know on Tuesdays they can use this format to list their homes for sale in a way that is appealing to their social audience. They won’t be sitting around wondering what to post – they have an endless supply of home listings, and this is a great way to make use of content they already have.
  • Generates Interest People loooooove to give their opinion on things. Any things! And people looooove to look at beautiful homes. How many of us have ever daydreamed about our dream home? How many of us have ever watched a show on HGTV? That’s right…pretty much everyone!  This “Tuesday Taste Test” theme caters to and beautifully combines that love of looking at dream homes with that human nature thing that makes us want to give our two cents. 
  • Killer Crowd Source Marketing – Because we love to give our opinion, and because humans like to throw a little competition in there too and because humans like to be agreed with and liked, you see a lot of people not only giving their answer, A or B, but also saying WHY they liked A or B. This means that the commenters are pointing out all the great selling points for those homes! The Crowd is doing Zillow’s marketing for them!
  • Herd Mentality – Yep, humans – funny creatures we are. When something becomes prized by others, we seem to want it too. There’s so much psychology at work in this post! When we comes across a post like this, and see a bunch of comments underneath it by people talking about how great this home is, how beautiful that home is, it automatically makes us go “oooh those homes are nice!” When we see those comments telling WHY the home is nice (because humans want to be liked and agreed with and like to persuade others to see things as they do), especially if many of them mention the same thing, we are influenced to think like them. For example, in home A many people are mentioning the appeal of the double porches. Now viewers who see those comments will look up at those double porches and go “ooooh yeah, double porches!”


Case Study Part 2: What’s so Great About Zillow’s Google+ Page?

The first thing you notice when you get there is the cover photo with a beautiful home pic, and which also sports this great tag line: Find Your Way Home.  In keeping with that successful formula of asking you to give your opinions on “which thing do you like better?”, we see a lot of posts like this one:

Click on the comments icon (the chat bubble at bottom of post) to see the comments underneath the post.

This post is visually pleasing from the start, showing incredible views to be seen from these homes. People just love to weigh in and there are a good number of comments, and I’m guessing a pretty good click rate for the links in the post. Those links take you to Zillow Digs pages, basically set up to be perfect for pinning to Pinterest boards – in fact, the Zillow Digs page looks a lot like a Pinterest board!  Home decor boards are very popular on Pinterest, and these probably get Pinned and passed around quite a lot.



Case Study Part 3: What’s so Great About Zillow’s Dig Pages?

In addition to being very Pinterest friendly, the Digs page also includes paint chip colors and other information on the decor. You know, the kind of fun decorating stuff we all love to browse.  All of these things serve to attract people to Zillow’s site, including those dreaming about buying a new home, and that in turn helps Zillow attract real estate agent signups. Zillow doesn’t sell real estate – they attract a large audience, and in doing so they do an awesome job of connecting realtors to buyers and sellers, by making their site and mobile apps appealing to all of those audiences – the realtor, the buyers and the sellers.

Zillow Digs page

Zillow Digs page

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