Wow. Etsy Rules!!

Check out what I came across today, in Etsy’s stream on Google+. What a great example of Collaborative Marketing! Collaborative marketing is when multiple parties collaborate on a campaign, sharing resources and costs and combining their marketing strength to the benefit of all parties involved.



Etsy Craft Party

Etsy Craft Party

This Etsy Craft Party is a great example. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Etsy is:Creating a recurring event that is collaborative by nature and gives their crafters a chance to get some great exposure for themselves and their handcrafted products and to monetize their craftiness, and gives associated businesses (craft supply houses for instance) opportunity to connect with their markets (the crafters and the community at large).

  • Providing their crafters with tools and guidance for organizing and marketing a craft party
  • Giving their crafters excellent marketing power behind Etsy to draw from, with Etsy doing a lot to publicize its Etsy Craft Party globally, making deals with craft supply houses for event supplies, and lending the knowledge of its own marketing team to the Crafters, who may not have any experience in that end of business.
  • Bringing Community into the event, which creates buy-in on many levels, for example from local and regional govts who want to provide safe, family events to their communities to nonprofit organizations serving seniors, families, or at-risk youth, and other people for whom such a positive and fun event can make a big difference in their lives.
  • Bringing crafts and community together is a brilliant way to create lasting buy-in to an annual event and create a brand identity that shows Etsy doing good things for the community and being the kind of business they want to support. Plus look at all those great target markets! Govt, non-profits, schools, community centers, museums, and general public who like arts and crafts!
  • Actually serving the community! What community wouldn’t benefit from a family friendly crafts day? Many creative outlets have been dropped from schools and community programs due to budget cuts in the down economy. Here’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to get together and have fun making creative and crafty things! 

Etsy Craft Party scrn02

 Marketing at it’s finest for everyone concerned, a win, win, win, win!

  • Etsy wins with great reputation building
  • public and non-profit agencies win with great programs to provide
  • the community wins by enjoying a great, fun family event
  • the crafters win by getting great exposure, monetizing, and making connections with public agencies and orgs that may be looking to bring these kinds of programs to the community regularly.