Hey there Business Bloomers!

Welcome to the third installment in this series, Creating Your Social Media Strategy, Part 3: Action Steps!

In Creating Your Social Media Strategy, Part 1: Objectives, you were given the assignment to write down your overall business objectives, and then define some social media objectives that support and reinforce your business objectives.

In Creating Your Social Media Strategy, Part 2: Goals, you set some goals that are smaller, individual projects which, when completed, will carry you closer to your objectives. A handy worksheet was provided for you to use as you created a set of goals for each objective on your list from Part 1.

Now that you have your Objectives and Goals, it’s time to list the Action Steps needed to reach your goals!

Part 3: Action Steps

Action Steps are the tasks you will complete to reach your Goal.

Let’s take a look at the example from the last post in this series, Part 2: Goals.

In that example, the overall objective is to cultivate brand identity and awareness. Remember, while Objectives may be broad and expansive, think of Goals as individual projects which support the objectives. Each completed Goal brings you closer to your Objectives. To continue with the example:

Objective: cultivate brand identity and awareness


1 month – Create a catchy tagline or jingle

3 months – set up 3 social profiles w/cover designs that support your brand identity

6 months – Plan and implement a product awareness campaign


What would be some Action Steps needed to achieve these Goals?

The slides below show examples of action steps to be taken for the Goals listed above.

slide - Action Steps 1 month


slide - Action Steps 3 months


Now I’m not going to bore us with 6 months worth of tasks for the product awareness campaign, that’s just too many slides – but I think you get the idea, yes? Define your objectives, set goals that support those objectives, and then plan the tasks to do to reach your goals. I say plan because, well…

There’s No Djinni Here!

As you are listing your Action Steps (or tasks) be sure to plan time to dedicate to completing them. They aren’t going to do themselves ya know! I like to put my to-do list in two places, my Reminders (an Apple app) and on my Calendar.

Download this simple Social Media Action Steps Worksheet to help your planning. I also loooove me some Mind Maps for planning, they are a great way to visually chart all the levels of tasks required for a project.

You dedicate time to go to networking mixers, usually 3 or 4 hours for each mixer – I’m figuring the mixer is 2 hours long, plus round trip travel, plus followups – and you dedicate that time because networking is important to your business, right? Right!  You value the connections you make. Your social media outreach is all about making those connections too! And creating and implementing your social media outreach plan will be a time consuming business task, just as are networking mixers.  So know WHY you are doing it, and plan HOW you will do it, so that you aren’t just wasting your time and wondering why – spend your social media time on purpose, with purpose!

If you would like some gentle nudging and help in defining your Objectives, setting Goals and identifying the Action Steps to take to reach them, please check out Meilani’s Consulting Services page.