First We Review

I’m very sure that after reading Creating Your Social Media Strategy, Part 1: Objectives, you dear readers all did your homework and wrote down your list of overall business objectives, and then listed social media objectives that would support your business objectives. RIIIGHT?  Right!

Well now it’s time to pull out those lists, go grab yourself that cuppa coffee or tea, and get back into business brainstorm mode!

While your Objectives might be broad and expansive, your Goals are more like individual projects which are stepping stones along the path to achieving your Objectives.  After you set some Goals, you’ll list the Action Steps needed to reach them. Voila! Your social media strategy plan is born!  The last post covered defining your Objectives, so now we move on to Goals.

Step 2. Set some Goals

Pull out your List of Objectives – look at them one at a time and think about what projects you can do that will help you achieve your Objectives.  Since Objectives may be broad or expansive, there may be several projects to complete in the course of working towards your objectives. Setting Goals for each of these projects will help you stay focused.  Adding them to your to-do list or calendar  reminds you of your goals and helps you stay dedicated to reaching them.

Print out Meilani’s Social Media Strategy Worksheet Page 3 and use the chart to list your social media Objectives and set Goals that will help you reach them.

This slide shows us an example of a social media Objective and some Goals that support it:

Social Media Strategy Planning - Goals

If you would like some gentle nudging and help in defining your Objectives, Goals and the Action Steps to take to reach them, please check out Meilani’s Consulting Services page.