Hey There Bloomers!

I’ve had a lot of people mention to me that they don’t really know how to use #Hashtags. My friend Michelle posted this cute saying from her son, and I got to thinking wouldn’t it be nice if we could collect these all in one place easily?  Then I thought wow this can be a great example of how to use Hashtags!




How to Create a Memory Book Using Hashtags

Whenever you find yourself posting a story about your child, tag it with a personal Hashtag.  Let’s say you find yourself posting to FB often about the darnedest thing your kid says, and you would like to keep track of all those cutest things. You can make up a personal hashtag, for example #JBH47says, and include that Hashtag in each “darnedest thing” post.

Later, when you do a search in FB for #JBH47says, all the posts that include that hashtag will show up in the search. Voila, you will have a page full of your child’s darnedest sayings!


Another Example

When I make posts about the TGIF Business Networking Hangout,  I add the Hashtag #TGIFBNH. This is not something common, so when I search Google+ for #TGIFBNH, the posts I’ve tagged with that Hashtag will come up in the search results.  Below you can see the results of my search – this is the biz version of the Memory Book!


TGIFBNH search


So, if you want to track your posts for a particular topic, create a Hashtag for those posts. This will work on any site that supports Hashtags, including Google+, FB and Twitter.