Case Study – Mobile App Marketing Done Right

So I was looking for a garden planning app for my iPad to help me get better results in my attempted vegetable gardens. I came across an app called GardenMinder by Gardener’s Supply Company in Vermont. This app has everything I wanted and I squeed with joy as I explored it!

After I came down from my raised garden bed high, I began to appreciate this app for its total awesomeness as a marketing tool for Gardener’s Supply. Once again I squeed, this time with timing happiness, as I will be featuring an expert on mobile app marketing in an upcoming episode of the TGIF Business Networking Hangout!  What timing!

So, let’s take a tour of this excellent app, shall we?


Case Study: GardenMinder iPad App by Gardener’s Supply Company

Here we see the home screen, and what a beauty it is!  A delectable image that makes my mouth water and makes me want to grow tomatoes in my garden. Oh yeah, and there’s an oh-so-convenient link to their online store. Already ready to drive traffic to their site and only on the home screen!

GardenMinder Home Screen


First up in the menu we have My Gardens, the area where we plan our gardens. Create a grid or use a starter template. Click an empty square to bring up the vegetables list and choose what you want to plant there. The list contains brief descriptions and drawn pictures of the vegetables, as shown in the garden planning screencap below. I created my first garden, the Winter garden.

 GardenMinder app Garden Creator screen


See that little red dot on my Winter Garden?  Those are the Reminders for each of the veggies I’ve selected.  Reminders to do things like fertilize or mulch your garden, pull weeds, etc.  They are automatically generated when you select the veggie for your garden plot.  Each veggie generates the reminders for its care.

 GardenMinder Reminders Screen


The reminders contain oh-so-convenient links to articles in the Learn more about Vegetables section.  Under these helpful articles, there are links to the online store where they just happen to sell the mulch and fertilizer mentioned in the reminders. Sweet!  Way to identify a need and provide a solution, all so conveniently for the app user!

GardenMinder Learn More About Vegetables screen


Oh but you have some How To questions?  How do I use mulch? How much fertilizer should I use?  Never fear, there is a How To’s section that answers your vegetable garden questions.  Oh and a convenient link to their library of How To videos, articles and more, over on their website.  Nice.  Once again, drives traffic to web site by identifying a need and providing a solution.

 GardenMinder HowTos screen


Oh but your question isn’t answered in the How To section?  No Worries! Not with GardenMinder’s Ask a Gardener feature!

GardenMinder Ask a Gardener

Just give them your marketing info (name, general location, email address) and send them your questions.  They promise to reply within 1 business day. You know, when you’re still in “oooOOooh” mode, and the person who replies not only answers your question, they also point out the perfect product that solves your problem and give you that oh-so-convenient link to that product right on their online store!  This app is all about generating sales at their online store while disguised as just the most useful, handy dandy veggie gardener’s tool ever!

Now look at About Us – this takes us to their About page on their web site, and the whole thing is all about reinforcing their brand!

About Gardeners Supply Company screen

Yep.  Everything about this app rocks.  I know I’m getting marketed to. I know they wanna sell me stuff. And I just don’t care.  I love this app because it is a great vegetable garden planning guide that makes it easy for me to be a better gardener, sends me automatic reminders to tend my garden, and gives me all the info I need to choose my veggies wisely, right at my fingertips. Oh and then they throw in those convenient links to their web site where I can buy all the seeds, mulch, and anything else I need to make it happen!

The marketing doesn’t really feel obtrusive, but rather it is positioned as helpful information that will make your gardening life easier:  “Oh, you need to know when to plant your tomatoes, how to plant your tomatoes, and where to buy tomato seeds?  Well shucks I can show you all that!  Just hop on over to our web site, here’s the seeds, the fertilizer, the soil and the mulch. See how easy we make it for you!”

Yeah.  It’s like that.

Oh and btw, I LOVE their logo!

GardenersSupplyCo Logo




Love Love Love the little leaf as apostrophe mark!  It’s a simple idea, just text with that little bit of image, but it is SO right for a garden supply company. But that’s a whole ‘nother post.


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