Creating Your Personal Brand as a Realtor

You’re a realtor, and you work under the umbrella of a big name firm. Do your prospective buyers know your name?  Or do they just know the big real estate company’s name?  What’s going to make them ask for YOU?


Dime a Dozen

Let’s face it, here in the Coachella Valley (and probably a lot of other places too), realtors are a dime a dozen. What separates you from the rest of the pack?

This is where finding your niche and becoming their resource is so important. For example, are your prospective buyers mostly first time homebuyers, or are they retired people from the frozen north looking to move to a warmer climate?  Is there a particular type of client that you enjoy working with the most?


Find Your Niche, and Be Their Valuable Resource

Identify your niche, and then become their go-to resource for info they care about. Let’s take the example of first time homebuyers. For them, the process of buying a house can be downright scary!  They want someone they can trust to help them find their dream home, not just get another sales notch in their belt.  What might these buyers be thinking? Is my realtor holding back any info? Does this house have any hidden problems? What kinds of paperwork and contracts are involved? How do I know I’m really getting what I want?

These are just a few of the questions and concerns first time homebuyers might have, and this is your opportunity to become their trusted and valuable resource!  Find your outlet that is your voice attached to your name, whether that be a local paper column, your own blog or your page on the company’s web site, your social media pages, YouTube videos, etc. Write articles or create vlogs that answer your niche’s questions and addresses their fears!  Associate YOUR NAME with the info they want to know. Make them think of your name when they have a question, and turn to you for answers.

As an example, good topics for first time homebuyers might include:

  • The Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor When Touring a Home
  • Hidden Costs of Homeownership
  • Don’t Be Surprised! Hire an Independent Home Inspector Before You Buy.

If your target audience is retired folks moving from the frozen north to a warmer climate, they have likely been through the home buying process before. For this audience, you might write articles such as:

  • How to Care For Your Hot Weather Home
  • A Guide to Tax Breaks and Incentives for Making Your Desert Home Energy Efficient
  • The Care and Maintenance of Your Backyard Pool

Speak to your niche before they are ready to buy. Establish your reputation and build your personal brand. By providing them with valuable information relevant to them and their circumstances, you will:

  • build your reputation as a friendly expert
  • establish a trust relationship – “they won’t rip me off”
  • become the person they think of first when they want service or info, so when they are ready to buy, they turn to you (not the company) to be their buying guide.

Find your niche, put yourself in their shoes, and become their trusted resource for the kind of information they need most!  Now it will be YOUR NAME that they think of first, instead of just another big real estate company who will assign them some random realtor from their roster.


Here’s A Great Example!

Check out The Nevada Short Sale Blog. This couple, The Myers Team, has done an outstanding job of positioning themselves as a valuable resource for their niche market of short sale sellers. They have their own, personally branded blog site with a whole lot of really useful posts that address the questions their sellers are asking.  They state:

“When you work with The Myers Team, our job is to get between you and the bank. We represent YOU…and it is our job to negotiate the best possible outcome. Ultimately, our job is to take away the stress, and make the transaction as smooth and “stress-free” as possible.”

Their customers, faced with short selling their homes, might be stressed out, worried, facing financial difficulties. The Myers Team’s message is very soothing and attractive to this audience – don’t worry, we’re on your side, we’ll help you deal with the bank and the buyer and we’ll help take your stress away. 

And just check out this image, which does a GREAT job of calling out The Myers Team‘s personal branding while staying within the umbrella of parent company Caliber Realty Group.

Myers Team / Caliber Realty Group image

This Myers Team / Caliber Realty Group image brands the individual realtors while still promoting the parent company.


Another Example, sort of…

I say sort of because in this post I’ve been talking to realtors who work for an umbrella company, but the example I’m showing here is a different case. The Palm Springs Vacation Connection is a company run by two women who work independently of a big umbrella firm, so this positions their company instead of themselves as individuals. However, it is such a great example of how a property rental web site can be a valuable resource to its niche market of vacation renters that I wanted to use it as a case study here. The same principles of being a resource to the niche audience can be applied to a realtor’s personal blog or page on a company web site.

The Palm Springs Vacation Connection‘s rental homes are in Palm Springs, and their main customer base is vacationers from out of state. They have an About Palm Springs page that gives an overview of popular local activities and destinations. They also provide a comprehensive list of links and contact info that would be useful to visitors, from home services like cleaning and plumbing to nightlife and attractions to hiking trails and street fairs.

Heck I’ve bookmarked the site and I live nearby, but it is such a handy reference for all these great links in one spot that it’s great for me too!

And you know what that means, right?  Right! Whenever I have visitors from out of town planning a trip to Palm Springs, I’ll send them the link to The Palm Springs Vacation Connection’s web site. They have become a resource.

Additionally, each of those links makes a great post to their social media pages and twitter, giving them lots of source material for their social media outreach. Their YouTube videos also provide rich source material for pinning and posting.

If you need help in finding your niche, identifying your audience and topics of interest to them, and finding effective avenues for reaching them, I can help. Contact me and let me be your resource!