Hey there Business Bloomers!  Do you have an iPad or tablet? I have an iPad and I love it! It helps me stay organized and productive, without having to be sitting in front of my computer. One of the tools that helps me stay organized and productive is Apple’s Notes app. With the release of iOS 9, Apple’s updated Notes is handier than ever!


Apple Notes Quick Tour

The iPad’s ios 9 update brings with it an upgrade to the Notes app. It was already handy before, but now Notes does even more to help you stay organized and productive. The new drawing tool allows you to do freehand drawings to add to your notes, and you can easily add images from your photo library or take a photo to be included in your notes. Folders help you keep your notes organized by topic. Let’s take a little tour!


Built in Drawing Tool!

Loving the New Apple Notes


The built in drawing tool has a clean interface and is easy to use. Choose the tool and the color from the bottom and draw. It’s that easy! When you are finished the drawing is inserted into your note at the point where your cursor was when you opened the draw tool, as shown in the picture below. In that photo you can also see that the note name on the left now shows a thumbnail of the drawing next to the title. At the bottom right you can see the icons that allow you to insert photo or create a drawing.


Note with drawing inserted


Easily Insert Photos and Videos into Your Notes!

As you saw in the picture above, an icon at the bottom right of your notes allows you to easily insert from your photo library or take a photo or video to include in your note. Here’s what it looks like with an image inserted:

Photo inserted into note

Here again you can see that there is an icon of the photo next to the title in the list at left.


Folders Keep Your Notes Organized

You can create folders to keep your notes organized by topic and make them easier to find.


p Notes organized in folders


That’s it for today folks, I hope you enjoyed your tour of Apple’s Notes app. Please leave a comment, let me know if you use notes and what you think of the new version. With its ability to save live links, images, and videos, to create drawings and organize in folders, I find Notes to be almost as handy as Evernote, and easier to use.

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