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Posts written for Blogging University assignments for Blogging 101 and Writing 101

Blog Anatomy IV: What is the Best Length for a Blog Post?

In this post we’ll be discussing blog post length. How do you know how long your blog posts should be? How do you know what is too long, what is too short, and what is just right? I’ve asked myself this question many times: How long should my blog posts be? This post was written for Blogging University’s Blogging 101, Day 9 assignment: Get Inspired By The Neighbors

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Blog Anatomy III: Editing and Proofing

This post was written in Open Letter format for a Blogging University assignment – Writing 101 Day 8: Reinvent the Letter Format. It is inspired by all the wonderful blogs I’ve found through this course. But have done so much editing and proofing in my career, it pains me to see so many errors in blogs that could easily be avoided with a simple spell check or a little bit of proofing.

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Blog Anatomy II: Headline, Body, Photo

In this post about blog anatomy you’ll learn some strategy behind writing a good blog post. We’ll be discussing the importance and content of your headline and body copy, and why you should always include a photo in your posts. We discuss these with the goal of attracting and building your target audience.

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