About Meilani

What can I say, I’m like many of you – a solopreneur.  I didn’t plan to go out and start a business. Nope, I became an entrepreneur during the down economy when, like so many others, I was laid off from my long time job due to budget cuts, and the job hunt turned up many hiring freezes and replies like “we cut that position” and “sorry, you’re over qualified.” Not to mention my competition was twenty-somethings who were being hired at bottom rung starting salaries that employers wouldn’t offer to someone with my years of experience.

Those “years of experience” were me working for entities for whom I provided services including graphic design, copywriting, proofing, and planning and implementing public outreach programs.

I realized that the down economy meant there were literally millions of other people starting their own businesses, that those solopreneurs for the most part had no background or experience in marketing and outreach like I had, and that by working from home, I could provide those services or teach them how to do it themselves at rates affordable to small business and solopreneur budgets! 

And so another solopreneur was born. But with you and me together, it’s a win – win relationship!

How can I serve you?

  • Graphic Design Services 95%
  • Workshops and Training: Private or Group 90%
  • Private Consulting: Brand Identity, Strategy Planning, Social Outreach 90%
  • Outsource Services: Social Media Marketing, Copywriting/Proofing/Editing 95%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100%

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